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Cloud solutions are making all of our lives easier. But they are making it a lot harder for you: the traditional channel partner. Because how are you going to respond to customer demands that can change overnight? Keep up with the technical challenges that appear every day? Provide support that requires knowledge that exceeds your own? Offer customers real solutions, without losing focus on their true objective: growing their business.

Deliver advanced cloud solutions
Our unique cloud distribution platform allows you to fully independently create and manage even the most advanced cloud solutions:
Set up a Cloud PBX with the click of a button.
Manage your mobile simcards in real time
Add countless new phone numbers and users instantly.
Deliver bundled IT, Telecom and connectivity solutions in a single package within minutes.
Seeing is believing
Try out FLUX now to experience the magic. We have set up a demo environment that allows you to explore all functionality.
Fully focus on your business, and your customers
FLUX does all the work. Like magic. So you don’t have to worry about technical challenges. FLUX allows you to fully focus on anything but a technicality: your customer.
Easy to use
Simple interfaces, APIs and automation make FLUX easy to use for all. From your sales departments to your product marketing.
Liberty of choice (multi-vendor)
We have multiple vendors in multiple categories of services. You have the choice what vendor or service you deliver.
Mix and match services into solutions set your desired specifications. Basically, deliver how you want to deliver.
Add your own services and products
Get rid of the hassle of invoicing your own services separately. Add your services and products to FLUX and bundle them into your solutions.
Communication happens in real-time, so your solution delivery should be as well. Our flexible infrastructure handles requests in seconds.
Channel automation
FLUX is multi-tier, multi-tenant, allowing you to automate your delivery through multiple resellers and towards multiple end customers.
White labeled
If you are reselling to partners or allowing your end customers to use FLUX, you can add your own logo and specific details to make FLUX yours.
Technical integration
We assist you with the technical implementation of FLUX in your business, so you can get started with ease.
You set the pricing
We have wholesale pricing on most services, so you can set your margins and pricing on any service in FLUX, including your own. FLUX will handle your invoicing as well.
Compliant with regulatory frameworks
Some services require adherence to regulatory frameworks. By using FLUX, you make sure all your services are compliant.
Reporting of business analytics
Use the built-in business analytics tools to discover trends, metrics and measure performance closely and adjust course when necessary.
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