Distribute your applications in the cloud, with the click of a button.


As a vendor, you want your applications in the hands of millions. But this poses a challenge for your business partners or distributors. Is their environment ready for cloud solutions? Do they have the technical knowledge? What about invoicing, is their organisation able to support pay-per-use? Can you handle delivery, management and support? How can you and your business partners take advantage of cloud services without all the hassle?

FLUX cloudifies your application
A unique cloud distribution platform, that allows you to fully independently create and manage even the most advanced cloud solutions:
Make your solution available real-time with the click of a button.
Managed and supported by highly-trained experts at Motto and partners.
Technically integrated with all the available solutions in the Motto platform.
Seeing is believing
Try out FLUX now to experience the magic. We have set up a demo environment that allows you to explore all functionality.
Fully focus on developing and growing your business
FLUX does all the work. Like magic. You don’t have to worry about management, billing, support and the logistics of delivery. Allowing you to fully focus on your core business: the development of your solutions and the growth of your business.
We integrate your service into the FLUX platform and with the other services available, allowing partners to create powerful bundled solutions.
Technical delivery and support
From implementation to technical delivery and support, Motto and the FLUX partner network take care of it, so you can focus on your business.
Access to a powerful network
Within the ecosystem, you will find a network of cloud and communication solutions, that providers integrated into full workspace solutions.
Compliant with regulatory frameworks
We make sure your application is delivered in a compliant manner to ensure any target audience can benefit from your solution.
Growing partner network
From smaller local partners to country-wide players, our partner network expands your reach across the globe.
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