FLUX available for Belgian market
Posted on 01/11/2017

Staring 1 November, Belgian partners can use FLUX for bundling and real time delivery using their own brand, of communication solutions from themselves and the major carriers and vendors in the communication industry. In order to make FLUX suitable for the Belgian market, adjustments have been made and country-specific functionality has been added.

The following options are available in this version:
Trunks, creation of new telephone numbers and port existing numbers, pay-per-use PBX, VPS, invoicing, functionality for making bundles available using your own brand, dialing 112 and 0800 (toll free) numbers and establishing rates yourself.

In 2018, FLUX will be expanded with additional functionality for connectivity (connections) and the possibility to call premium numbers (070, 077, 078, 090X). In addition, we launch the French version of FLUX.

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